Team Void Luchas

The origin of the legend

The Legend Team Void began when three musicians took their own lives and met in the afterlife. Cursed to rise again as dead luchas that must rock the living, these marked souls wear symbols of life and death. They must play their music to enrich the living with their creation: “Lucha Rock-N-Roll.” The philosophy is simple, absorb what is useful and discard the rest. This trio remains useful even in death..


team void logo in green and red

Team Void Behind the Mask

How it all began

Team Void Luchas: 2008 – Present… 12 years rocking the curse behind the masks. Appearing to the living over the years, sightings include performing at many venues, TV shows, podcasts, radio shows, as well as sharing their music through EPs, LPs, CDs, DVDs and digital music streaming. Team Void also expresses their curse through Lucha Pulp Art. This is a lyrical rocking cool style for the fans to discover what is happening behind the veil of life and death in the legendary luchas “existence.”

The trio rely on each other to produce the sounds from beyond the grave… on drums, JOHNNY X, providing the back beat. Heart throb on the Bass and co-creator, INFINITY. And leading the way on guitar, fearless leader and composer, EL MUERTO.

Grave Diggers

Fans from around the world

GraveDiggers are people from all walks of life. Creative Artists, hard working souls, as well as children and families, have been touched by the pure love of Lucha Rock-N-Roll! GraveDiggers- in other words, our TEAM VOID fans, are fanatic Lucha Rock-N-Roll lovers!

GraveDiggers gather in droves to be blessed by the curse of TEAM VOID. These loyal living fans react to shattering reverb, paranormal echos from strong driving beats, range in ages young to timeless, striking the heart strings of women as well as men… GraveDiggers enjoy instrumental experiences from their favorite band, TEAM VOID